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The Squad



Sharlene Alice Provilus
CEO | Founder

Shirelle LaTortue
Experience Curator

Micah Stokes
Artist Development

Damian Andres Rivas
Production Design


We Intend to
Change Culture.

There is something beautiful about creating things that have never existed for the sake of inspiring others…that’s our definition of art. 

Art is a tool that can produce excitement, appreciation, and connection amongst people. Art transcends language, race, ethnicity, and cultural background. It is a form of expression that brings people together that would never have otherwise had anything in common. We think this is powerful! 

Culture is shaped by excellent artistry that is focused on developing communities. When storytellers, painters, musicians, songwriters, dancers, poets, and welders come together, something incredible happens. We want to be there to witness it firsthand.



Bold Faith